Writing Book 2 of our Boston series is tough. Lacy lost her fiance to a drug overdose, and hasn’t been able to write a song since. She’s got studio time booked, a tour looming- and she’s creatively stuck. I’m picturing this as a song she pulls inspiration from. It’s gorgeous, it’s heartbreaking, it’s covered by one of my favorite (Boston) artists.

I can’t find a version on YouTube that I’m allowed to link to here. So google Amanda Palmer “Hallelujeh” and click on any single one of the videos. She does such a beautiful and moving job, every single time.



This quote: ‘The most painful state of being is remembering the future, particularly the one you’ll never have.’ – Søren Kierkegaard

And Someone gave me a line to use, “Ashes fluttered in the wind, like dandelion wishes.”

Short story to follow.

Tag I’m It!

So I got tagged on FB to give 5 facts about my upcoming book. And then I promptly forgot about it, until I was stalking myself this evening. As you do. So, here are 5 things to know about Mistaken (coming Spring 2015(read in a deep movie announcer voice)).


1. Mistaken is a 30k word novella.

2. It’s co-written by myself and Laurelin Paige, writing together as Laurelin McGee.

3. It’s about a feminist who falls for her mysterious new neighbor.

4. The neighbor looks (in our heads) like a young and scruffy Orlando Bloom, where as Jaylene (our heroine) is Jamie Chung. With a pixie cut. And red lipstick.

5. There is one GIANT Easter Egg in this novella that only fans of a certain other author might notice.