The Single Story

This TED talk by the African feminist author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is kind of amazing.


Things Leah Miller Has Taught Me Part One

So it turns out that other people do NOT experience physical symptoms of anxiety when they worry about whether or not they might be reincarnated into a time with no or few books. Turns out that’s actually not something other people even think about, much less on a fairly regular basis. Turns out when you mention things like this to other people, there is a long silence, followed by a swift subject change.


Well, you learn something new every day.


As Laurelin Paige and I finish the last chapter of the second book in our duo, we’ve spent more time reflecting on our writing process NOW than we ever did during the actual writing. I’m thinking we will spend a lot of time addressing the co-writing roses and thorns during our publicity for the actual books. So right (write?) now, I thought I’d talk a little bit about how I have personally addressed a lot of MY writing during the whole shebang.

Laurelin, as some of you may know from her “about me” posts, is a Theater Person. Not so, I. In high school, I was an art kid. When I could be bothered to wake up and go to class at all, that is. (Seriously, I was THE WORST in school. The absolute WORST.) The fun of the stage for LL was putting on personas, having an audience. Me, I liked the back row of every class, and nobody look over my shoulder at what I am drawing stop that’s embarrassing oh god don’t make eye contact.

So imagine my HORROR when Laurelin told me that I write like a method actor. I AM NOT AN ACTOR DO NOT MAKE ME TALK TO PEOPLE OH GOD NO. Was basically my reaction. But like she always effing is, she was right. Because here is how I do my scenes.

One of us writes them. Usually dialogue only, no action or setting or anything. Context-less. Then the fun starts. I read a page of dialogue, and start pacing around my apartment. You know how after you’ve had a great convo or a shitty fight and you replay it in your mind ad nauseum thinking of all the things you COULD have said? I do that. From both POV’s. Pacing. Gesturing. Than I go fit it all in, in writing. I do it for days. Chapters we finished months ago suddenly occur to me THAT’S WHAT I WANTED TO SAY! And in goes a new insult.

Turns out, there’s an actor in this introverted art nerd after all. But don’t you DARE think I will karaoke with you, Laurelin.