Candi Kane is Havin A Birthday!


Somehow in the thrill and excitement of meeting OMIGODMYFRIENDCANDI I managed not to get a solo selfie. I believe she did though… *side eye*
I met Candi the way a bunch of us did- through our desperate and undying love of Night Owl by M Pierce. Much like many of us, I fell deeply in love with her as a result of her near-constant auto-correct fails. 

You guys, she can make any benign conversation bizarrely inappropriate with a single word, and that is a feat. MELANIE Harlow even wrote it in to her Frenched series she was so âmused. Notice how my autocorrect did two things there, neither one inappropriate.

But once you get to chatting with her, you’ll discover even more interesting things about Candi. For example, and by example I mean 80, she has the greatest 90’s concert stories of anyone on earth. There is no one, and I mean NO ONE she hasn’t drank with. From Gwen Stefani to the Misfits. You want to know what any celeb from 95-05 is like IRL just ask her.

Really though, cause she’ll send you a voice message and then you can hear her cute Chicago accent.

Today is her birthday and I just want the world to know how amazing this friend of mine is. Candi is one of the funniest, sweetest, most loyal dead whores I have ever met, and if you think that is rude just google her GoT blogs and you will see that it is also very accurate.

In short, I love Candi Kane and you should too, so spend a little time on the Dirty Laundry blog, before reminding her that the Royals are way cooler than the Cubs. Just wait til her birthday is over first.

Xoxoxoxo Candi! 


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