This is my book. It’s called Topped, as you may have noticed. It’s an ode to the greatest living American author name of Chuck Tingle, and it contains some of the best dick jokes of my burgeoning career.

If you read my last book, UnderCovers (currently on sale for .99 at Amazon) than you may recognize a character or two, but this is a standalone. But I like bonuses. Everyone likes bonuses, right? So there are two related shorts in the back of Topped for your reading pleasure.

I don’t want to spoiler you guys on what they are but I really want to talk about them. Heavy sigh. I need to make confession. 

Send a priest. Tyler Bell, ideally.

I’ll update this with a link once it goes live. I will also try to be less awful about blogging. I say that every time I play but I really REALLY mean it now.



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