My head is there already. It’s so hard to do word when my brain is already across the pond. Back when I lived in Overland Park KS, I would spend a good amount of time time driving back and forth from KC to Lawrence KC on the back roads. With my friend Kerry.

It’s hard to explain how beautiful the farmland is of soy, wheat, and corn. Like you know it’s government subsidized crops. It’s not making real food. Here in Colorado, you drive by real food- kale! Carrots! Beets!

I’m just so ready to see actual crops. In the kind of environment my skin is ready for. I’m so Irish, the sun is too much for me here. When I’m across the pond with Kerry, I’ll sparkle in the sun. But in the meantime-

I’ve got a Colorado bucket list. Stick with me, I have 14-res to bag. I have mountains to climb. I have vert to get. But it’s raining, so, I’m enjoying the outdoors.


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