Oh my hell, you guys, every time I say I’m going to be better at blogging, I get worse. So here’s a brief overview of what’s happened lately in Kayti news:

More books! I’m on track to release 6 in 2017, plus a few shorts. I’m going to do my best to keep the Books Tab updated. Notably, I’ll have a new traditionally published book (that means you can find it at Barnes and Noble!) out August 30th that I am super excited about. It’s a lot less funny than most of my books, but it has a lot more of my heart in it as well.

Signings! None. I know myself. When I travel, I like to completely immerse myself in the experience. After 2 years of leaving once a month at least, and losing so much writing time to enjoying the world, I am buckling down, kittens.

I moved back to my beautiful hometown of KCMO from my equally beloved Colorado, and as I’m enjoying the early summer farmers market offerings, my friends back in the Rockies are getting pummeled with snow. Times like this make one feel okay about one’s decisions.

I guess that’s basically it? Pop culture-wise, right now I’m super into the My Favorite Murder and Between The Covers podcasts, Sense 8 and American Gods on TV (also new Kimmy Schmidt is out in like a few hours) and Alt J’s new single gives me the highest of hopes for a creepy, catchy new album.

Okay, that’s all, xoxo kittens.


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