Incredibly nuanced characters (TOM holy shit I love him) and real-life stories. This HBO drama is shot like a documentary but plotted like a political biography. I’m a regular binge-watcher, but very few shows have ever had me thinking about them this long afterwards.

Altered Carbon

Probably not for everyone, but if you love deeply layered world-building in the vein of Black Mirror with strong characters ala George RR Martin, freaking watch this Netflix shiz immediately.


And speaking of Netflix. A Welsh ghost story. If you even need to know more than that, know that there’s also a crumbling old estate, a mysterious cult, and haunting scoring.

The End of the F***ing World

The British YA love story of my f***ing dreams. He thinks he’s a psychopath. She thinks she’s unlovable. A road trip coming-of-age that completely changes how you think about first impressions. Netflix.

Mossad 101

Israeli spy drama. Subtitles. Hot dudes. Netflix.

Babylon Berlin

German pre-war drama. Subtitles. DRAAAMAAAAA. Melanie Harlow won’t speak to you until you finish it. Or maybe that’s just me. But she definitely will be more likely to drink gin with you if you watch, on Netflix.

Today Will Be Different

Maria Semple wrote Where’d You Go Bernadette and it was fabulous, but this book takes it to another dang level. The uncomfortable truths her heroine feels over the course of a single day confronting both her past and her present are surprising and relevant. I laughed my fucking ass off.

Lying In Wait

A kickass murder book, guys. Liz Nugent. It’s dark as hell and even after it ends, it gets darker the more you think about it. If you are very happy when things go from worse to worst and also dig a depressive Irish viewpoint, you’ll love this book and all her others the same way you undoubtedly loved Gillian Flynn and Paula Hawkins.

Good Girl

I can’t believe I waited this long to declare my undying love for Jana Aston. She’s so fucking extra. If you liked Confederacy of Dunces subtle, observational humor, you’ll lose your goddamn mind over this book. And all her books. But this one’s the best one.


Because… Camilla Monk.