Mr. Hottie Pants isn’t the cover model Miranda assumed he was…

Miranda Rose lives for writing passionate, heart-wrenching romances. Unfortunately…there aren’t many readers that live for her books.

So every night, Miranda distracts herself from bad reviews by drunk-trolling her arch nemesis, writer Charlie Shivers, online. That click-baiting, dinosaur-smut peddler wouldn’t know real literature if it mounted him from behind!

Then, at her favorite romance writing conference, Miranda meets the world’s hottest guy and finds a new—ahem, sexier—way of distracting herself (and plenty of new material for her novels).

Except Mr. Hottie Pants isn’t the cover model she’d presumed—he’s her archenemy in the (naked) flesh, Charlie Shivers! To her surprise, sleeping with the enemy is kind of hot.

And scandalous.

And awesome.

But when she finds herself falling for the upstart hack of a novelist, she’s pretty sure there’s no way in hell that she’ll make it out on top.


Inspired by my complete and utter adoration of Chuck Tingle, and everyone’s former favorite romance conference. RIP, RT. Your way was a good way, filled with buds and cute trots.

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